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Step by step through the Gospels

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Tracking JESUS: Step By Step through the Gospels
  The Film Set
(June 2018)

“Tracking JESUS: Step By Step through the Gospels” is in the process of becoming a film set of the Gospel of JESUS that will set the bar to the very highest possible standards in Bible films.
It will be the first ever (by far) in all of these ways:
Literally every single sentence of all 4 Gospel books has been entirely gleaned for everything in them - such as all spoken words, all information, all insights given, etc. NOTHING is missing from the Scriptures.
* 100% PURE (Only 100% Scriptures from all 4 Gospel books together)
In other words:
* ZERO made up ‘fluff’ - the only content of this film set is from the Bible - every last word of it
* JESUS will NOT be misrepresented in this film set
* ZERO misrepresenting of anyone or anything in the Bible
(No other films about JESUS have ventured beyond a small fraction towards such needed standards.)
* Solved chronology of the 4 Gospel books together further maximizes understanding and clarity
* Every scene that has a change of location will begin with a map of Israel showing previous location to current location so you and your children can know exactly where everything took place at.
~ ~ By the way: This will be an animated film set in a realistic-style animation to draw in every age from toddler to elderly… You will feel like you are right there in the real scenes with JESUS and HIS disciples. ~ ~
Countless of us Christians are sick of our LORD being misrepresented and so much invented garbage put in to the claimed-to-be ‘Bible’ films - and while all of the ‘keys’ usually being left OUT of them. The lacking and highly compromised films add confusion of all kinds. They often even lead people AWAY from understanding what true Salvation is because of the missing essential pieces and all of the misrepresentations.
It is time to set things right - especially for the sake of the lost and misled sheep.
The first volume of this epic film set will be entirely dependent on support from the Christian community.
First fruits of what is contributed will be used to create the scenes on screen that will provide the video trailer for the film set. (The video trailer will get news of this out there more effectively and those scenes will also be in the film set.) Not one penny will be used in the slightest bit frivolously.
We have already covered the copyright protection expenses and various other essentials quietly on our own to begin the work with.
I have personally invested thousands upon thousands of hours into this epic project (from the time this calling began) - and we will invest countless more hours of work into it until all is completed - and with everything done right - from Scriptural accuracy and even right down to the kind of fish that swim in the Sea of Galilee.
We will post updates at each step of the way.
Right now, this film set needs your help to get to the next level.
To contribute and be a part of this historical project, you can donate securely at the top of this page or send your donation via PayPal to: [email protected]

Blessings and Peace!
~ Kimmie S Landsberger
This book is the best of its kind for studying the life of Jesus-For beginners- college Students and Scholars - take the journey with Jesus every step of the way