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Step by step through the Gospels

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My name is Kimmie Landsberger.
I first started creating this book in 2003 as a single mom because I wanted to learn everything I could about the Gospels and teach whatever I knew to my son.
When I was almost ½-way through the project, I started to get stuck.  So I reasoned that others must have done this before, and looked everywhere I could for the answers to the pieces that I couldn’t solve at the time.
But when I found that everyone else had made mistakes on the pieces that I had already figured out, I realized that I was further along than they were… So I was on my own.
I am not a professional Bible scholar.  I have never even attended a Seminary.

So how is it, then, that I have solved all of the puzzles in harmonizing the Gospels that everyone else has missed?
I think the reason is just because I was sooo hungry for the answers… And God feeds His children when they are hungry. :-)
= = = Now fast-forwarding in time = = =
In 2014 I met my soul-mate on Christian Mingle, and we were married 4 months later.  He encouraged me to publish the book.  In 2015 I finally seriously considered it. 

There would be only one hurdle (but it was a HUGE hurdle) to clear in publishing the book:
I could not possibly publish it without having authentic photographs for every single piece in the book… And the cost for paying for permission for all of the photos needed was not anywhere near do-able.
So that would be our sign: We prayed and asked God if He wanted the book to be published, that He would somehow open the doors wide for every single photograph needed to be provided without me having to put an insane amount of time and energy into it.
It would have to be Him providing them.
And that’s exactly what He did.  I was given so many photos for the book by people who didn’t even know me… I felt like Peter must have felt when God put so many fish into his net, it just about made the boat sink from the huge abundance. :-)
I know traditionally I am supposed to provide a photo of myself as the book’s creator.  Maybe it’s the introvert in me, but I am not comfortable putting a photo of “me” in a spotlight like that.  (I know you other introverts out there will understand. :-) )
So instead, I am attaching here a photo of me & my son, Austin, and a photo of me & my husband, Jarrod.
Austin was my inspiration for creating this book all those years ago… And it was because of my husband’s prayer (as the spiritual leader of the family) that photographs poured in to make the publishing of this book possible.
So it is right, anyway, for them to be in the pictures too. :-)
This book is the best of its kind for studying the life of Jesus-For beginners- college Students and Scholars - take the journey with Jesus every step of the way