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Step by step through the Gospels

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Anita Kallinicos
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

​   I have this book and it is excellent! The pictures are amazing. You travel through the Gospel with the beautiful photographs of the actual places where everything took place. Great book for bible study and schools from elementary to College. I highly recommend this book!

Eric J Roberts, 
Liverpool, New York
   I can't help sharing this book with friends and family, even the Pastor at our church! All agreed they have never seen anything like it... check it out for yourself and experience the Gospels like never before!

Sara Zimmerman,
Puyallup, Washington
   Tracking Jesus is an Amazing book; it takes you Step by Step through the gospels. Its an exhaustive study, no stone left unturned. The pictures and maps are outstanding!
   This book is a must read for anyone looking for an intensive study or just a good read. I highly recommend this book! It would also make a great gift!

Brandon Carter,
Charleston, South Carolina
​​   Excellent book! It is evident that this book was assiduously and meticulously constructed. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ!
Michael Ladendecker, 
Riverside, California
​​   This book is wonderful. I can't seem to put it down once I start. I love the map that is used throughout the book and how one can see the changes in it as the story progresses.
   I can't recommend this book enough. It's truly an inspiration and has become one of my most cherished books, after the Bible.
Gail Welborn, 
Review Columnist, 
Sedro Woolley, Washington
​​     Pacific Northwest author Kimmie Landsberger admits she is not a Bible scholar and has never attended seminary yet she took on an enormous task—to harmonize the Gospel accounts. The result is a presentation of the Gospel stories of Jesus from the perspectives of each disciple, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in chronological order. 
     Her motivation was twofold. To better understand God’s Word and enable her to teach her son Austin about Jesus. Throughout the project she relied on Scripture, the Holy Spirit and prayer while she trusted the Lord to direct her steps.
     The result of Kimmie’s well-researched and I believe Holy Spirit inspired work are these three books bound into one large volume, “Tracking Jesus, Step by Step Through the Gospels.” In addition to Scriptures from the New American Standard Bible (NASB) the chronological account is enhanced with extraordinary pictures and detailed maps courtesy of “Gospel Light Publications.”
    The book begins with an extensive “Table of Contents” that include a few of Kimmie’s personal notes on various Bible stories. Such as the who, when, where and how of Jesus appointing the twelve disciples, each disciple’s account of the “Sermon on the Mount” and the “Woman who Anointed Jesus with Perfume” among others. 
    Each segment of Jesus’ journey begins with a detailed map, pictures of the location, people or items and each disciple’s perspective of the story. All of which offer a unique view of the New Testament. 
   The book concludes with an alphabetized “Summary Table” of each book and an “Index of Book Order” that offers brief descriptions and page numbers for ease of lookup. 
    Kimmie’s painstaking research has provided the reader with a detailed account that includes images, maps and Scriptures that show Jesus’ chronological travels through ancient Israel and what those places looked like then and today. Her unique work presents a harmonized gospel account useful for any student of the faith who wants to understand more about Jesus. It’s a unique presentation of the Bible and on a scale of one to ten it is an eleven. 

Galyn Wiemers, Generation Word
West Des Moines, Iowa

   Kimmie has meticulously combed through the Gospel accounts to produce an instructive and valuable harmonization of the events recorded in the life of Jesus by the inspired writers. Her work is supported with photos, diagrams and maps which the student of Scripture will find insightful. 
   Tracking Jesus is a book that will instruct the believer, provide confirmation to the faithful heart and challenge each of us to follow Kimmie in a personal quest to understanding God’s Word.

Steve K Oeck,
Portland, Oregon

   An eye opening Holy Spirit led journey through the Gospels that unexpectedly engages the imagination and engrosses the mind. Kimmie's well researched work i‎‎s equally appealing to both first time Gospel readers and seasoned saints. 

David Kantor,
Documentary film creator

“…I think this book will be a major contribution to helping people more fully to appreciate and understand the life and teachings of the Master…”

Julie Morgan
Aloha, Oregon

   It has been a privilege to read the chronological life of Jesus as written in Tracking Jesus.  It really helped me not only understand the chronological steps Jesus took on His short stay here on earth but reading the book also greatly helped me understand each disciple’s unique point of view. While at the same time reinforced that God truly inspired each disciple to write what they witnessed.  
   Finally, the maps and pictures are a priceless part of the book, in my opinion, for both the casual reader or the bible scholar.  Kimmie did a fantastic job with putting this book together.

Demetrick Louis
Steilacoom, Washington

   This book is an amazing piece of work.
   That someone painstakingly took the time to show the movement of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus through Judea is something to be commended.
It provides chapter and verse and puts it side by side with maps and images showing not only what Jesus saw as he traveled through ancient Israel but what those places look like in the modern day.
    This book is for anyone looking to further their knowledge of who Jesus is.
It takes a man who traveled the Earth over 2000 years ago and presents the reader with the places he's been; places you can travel to and see with your own eyes.
   In my reading I get the feeling of going to a frequented restaurant and having a staff member tell me that family was there just moments earlier. It puts Christ as a person within reach. He's not the myth that we've only heard about.
   For the curious Christian who wants a more intimate understanding of Jesus Christ this book is a must read.

Sincerely, Peggy Gentry,   Boonville, Indiana

Dear Mrs. Landsberger,

   I enjoy reading about the steps that Jesus took in His life time.
   I know that we need Jesus each and every day of our life, so we can walk the same that Jesus did.
   If we walk with Jesus, the places that Jesus went are the same places that we go too.
   The same people Jesus deals with are the same people we deal with today.
   We got to listen to that little still voice inside of us to walk the steps that Jesus took.

Jackie Green,
Puyallup, Washington

   I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet Kimmie, hear her story, and read her beautiful book, "Tracking Jesus." It is detailed, full of maps and photos, and put together in a way that makes it easy for the reader to understand the gospels. I have never seen a book like this and  am inspired every time I pick up my copy!

Tia Miclette,
Nisqually, Washington

   This book has opened my eyes to just how amazing our Father really is by being able to interpret what the Bible is trying to tell us.
   It's amazing that before reading this book I was only understanding a fraction of what the Bible was truly about. I love that my children get more out of the Word of God by being able to Track Jesus through the paths of this amazing book.
It's easily understood and is truly an amazing blessing to those who get the opportunity to read it.
   Thank you Kimmie for listening to God and taking your precious time to provide such an amazing gift to others. God Bless you.

Jacob Foster, Age 8
Lacey, Washington

   I liked Ms Kimmie's book - it's easy for me to read and in short paragraphs. And it's not boring. And I really like the cool pictures and maps.
   My favourite one was Prayer and the Golden Rule, ( Matthew 7 - pg 142 ). That means we should be nice to people and they're supposed to be nice back. If they're not nice maybe they need Jesus in their heart.

Shelly Foster, 
Lacey, Washington

   I am completely addicted to this book! It's hard to find one section that was the best. So I decided not to! 
   Cover to cover I find myself pouring over EACH page! 
And every time anyone is in our home and picks it up they become intrigued!! To include my 8 year old son who loves to read!! 
   It's so very easy to pour through the chapters, maps and pictures!! I have never found such a book that has had the effect of yearning to learn more than this book!

This book is the best of its kind for studying the life of Jesus-For beginners- college Students and Scholars - take the journey with Jesus every step of the way