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Step by step through the Gospels

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I first created this book just as a personal project over a dozen years ago. I was a single mom who just wanted to teach my son all I could about the Gospels. 
Each location / change of location I separated into alphabetical parts.
The book project began at Part A and ended up going through the alphabet just over 3 times.
So I sectioned off each time through the alphabet into 3-ring binders as 3 different volumes.  (Parts A – Z for Volume 1, Parts AA – ZZ for Volume 2, and Parts AAA – BBBB for Volume 3.) 
It wasn’t until after I sectioned them out into those 3 volumes that I realized how each volume begins and ends exactly at the key turning points in the Gospels…
Volume 1 begins at the introduction and birth of Jesus and ends at Jesus settling in Capernaum and calling Peter and Andrew and James and John to follow Him.
Jesus’ ministry has now officially begun.  In Volume 2, Jesus spends almost all of His time in the northern half of Israel – mostly in the region of Galilee, but also into the compromised lands to reclaim His lost sheep.
Volume 3 begins with Jesus departing Galilee and traveling south toward Jerusalem.
This is Jesus’ journey into Judea and the majority of His ministry there in the southern half of Israel… Then the Last Passover, the crucifixion, the Resurrection… And ending at Jesus’ Ascension.
Another interesting note in how the pieces of this book fell into place:
Part Z is where Jesus causes an abundance of fish into Peter’s net.
Part ZZZ is where Jesus causes an abundance of fish into Peter’s net again.
In putting this book together, NONE of those placements in the book or sectioning on where each volume began or ended was purposed for. 
(It couldn’t have been anyway.) 
But it’s how it all actually came out. :-)  …Kinda cool. :-)
This book is the best of its kind for studying the life of Jesus-For beginners- college Students and Scholars - take the journey with Jesus every step of the way